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Challenging organic farming
Challenging organic farming


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 This school is located in a peaceful countryside about 5 km away from the national road. Since it is on the high ground, there is no flooding damage even during the rainy season.  There are no trees for shade in the schoolyard, and CFP activities started in 2016 in the wake of the call by the school principal for planting trees. 

Coordinator advising children with jokes
Coordinator advising children with jokes

   In the first activity, they organized an environmental workshop teaching the seriousness of environmental problem and the importance of protecting nature so that it would not end in mere tree planting. Ms. Chan Vattey, 15 years old, said: “This is my first time to plant such kind of tree that I have never seen before. I am so happy to have a chance for tree planting with my classmates, teachers and OISCA volunteers. I hope to plant more trees.” Mr. Eng Chanthy, school principal, commented: “CFP is a good program giving a chance to children to plant trees together and learn about environmental conservation. I would like to actively involve local community people. This year, we plan to take care of the planted trees.”


Hun Sen Pdav Chhum

  • Starting Year of CFP:     2016      
  • Number of Students:     1,485
  • Location:                        Pdav Chhum Village/Commune, Cheung Prey District,                                                        Kampong Cham Province 

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