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Adella and friend, watering plants at the schoolyard
Adella and friend, watering plants at the schoolyard


Forest development

which brings many blessings


   SDN 2 Ngemplak is an elementary school with 114 pupils located in Karanganyar, Central Java Province. In this school which is taking part in CFP since 1993, the trees planted by school children are steadily growing and providing cool environment with shades. As they are carrying out activities in close cooperation with the local community, they could utilize the land owned by the village as a planting site and have developed it as a small forest. 

Planted star apple seedlings on the “Green Wave”
Planted star apple seedlings on the “Green Wave”

In 2016, they planted local fruit bearing trees such as Java plum and longan. When the trees start bearing fruits, the fruits will serve as nutrition source for the school children and may be sold to purchase stationery and equipment of the school. Ms. Adella Puspa Vika, 11-years old student said: “I am always enjoying outdoor activities such as tree planning and maintenance of plants. I am looking forward to playing various nature games taught by CFP coordinators.”


   In the future, they intend to put effort on gardening and studying garbage separation while carefully taking care of the planted seedlings. 


SDN 2 Ngemplak (2 Ngemplak Elementary School)

  • Starting year of CFP activities:  1993    
  • Number of Students:                   114
  • Location:                                      Ds. Ngemplak, Kec. Karangpandan, Kab.                                                                            Karanganyar, Jawa Ngemplak

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