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Digging holes altogether
Digging holes altogether


Children struggle

to fight against desertification!



   In this school located in the heart of Alashan, they are putting effort on environmental beautification. The area is dry highlands with annual rainfalls of 400mm, only one-third of Tokyo and the average temperature in winter is minus 11 degrees Celsius. The surrounding area is desert where plants are sparse. As there are many children who have no experience in tackling anti-desertification, the school joined CFP to carry out practical environmental education. 

Working hard despite hot weather
Working hard despite hot weather

In 2016, they planted a tree species called “Sousou” which can resist the severe drying of the Inner Mongolian region. The children tackled the activities by studying the different roles of trees and the importance of biodiversity. They are also carrying out the separation of garbage and cleaning at school. The principal of the school said that through these activities, there is a growing number of children who act positively towards environmental improvement. In 2017, they plan to conduct environmental education such as surveys on local desert plants while carrying out tree planting. 

Alashan Left banner No.2 Experimental Elementary School

  • Starting Year of CFP:      2012      
  • Number of Students:      559
  • Location:                        Alashan, Inner Mongolia, China

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