2017. June CFP Malaysia 1

 School forest grown
School forest grown


As result of planting, seedlings budded !



 The school is surrounded by mountains. When it is fine weather, Mr. Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest mountain, can be seen from the school yard. The area is surrounded by rich greenery. But in the face of the rapidly progressing destruction of forests, the school joined CFP in order to educate the students about the importance of environmental conservation and protection.

Tree grown beyond the back of students
Tree grown beyond the back of students

 Mr. Haji Moin Ahmad, School Principal, said: “The seedlings we planted with Japanese volunteers in 2005 have grown into big trees and resulted into the establishment of a mini-forest. In the forest, the school is organizing camping activities three times a year. The students are very fond of this program in which they can learn about the forests.” Eleanor Jor, 16-years old student, said: “Threes are now protecting us from the direct sunlight. I feel grateful for the Japanese people who helped in planting trees. I have learnt that without forests, there might be big disasters such as floods and landslides. I realized the importance of protecting forests and keeping our mountains full of trees to defend our FURUSATO from natural disasters.

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  • Starting Year of CFP:     2005     
  • Number of Students:     1400
  • Location:                        Ranau, Sabah 

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