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Taking care of planted trees
Taking care of planted trees


When awareness changes, behavior also changes !


 This school is located in Yezagyo Township of the central arid region. As the area is close to the Chindwin River, plants can grow easily compared to other areas. The villagers are engaged in farming and are growing mostly beans. They started CFP activities in 2007. In 2016, they planted Neem which can also serves as medicine, Siris which grows fast and Gold Mohur which provides good shades with widely spreading branches.

School Principal Daw Khin Myin, talking about changes in children’s awareness
School Principal Daw Khin Myin, talking about changes in children’s awareness

 Before the start of the CFP activities, environmental awareness of the students and teachers were very low. As a result of the school principal communicating about the significance of tree planting and the importance of protecting environment, the children have become very active in carrying out tree planting and environmental protection activities. Daw Khin Myin, School Principal, commented: “Before CFP was started, nothing was in place in the school – no fences, no trees, no walls, but now we have big trees and children enjoy playing and studying under the shades of trees. Children give water to their small trees without specifically instructed by teachers.”

Nyaung Pin Ywar Primary School

  • Starting Year of CFP:     2007     
  • Number of Students:     65
  • Location:                        Nyaung Pin Ywar, Yezagyo Township, Magway

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