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On “Peace Walk”, students march expressing thanks to OISCA
On “Peace Walk”, students march expressing thanks to OISCA


Want to restore the previous nature!


This school is located on the highest point of the village, Kurunegala District of the Northwestern Province. It is surrounded by rice paddies and crops land. Parents of students are mostly farmers. Since there is no water service in the village, children bring water by buckets from the well. This area has undergone rapid environmental changes n the past 20 years. Due to the deforestation, the beautiful nature has been lost.

   In order to appeal the importance of protecting the greenery FURUSATO, the school held “Peace Walk” inviting the villagers to participate in the environmental conservation. 

Participated also in “Green Wave”
Participated also in “Green Wave”

Moreover, they conducted seminars on 3R (Reduction of garbage, Reuse and Refusing unnecessary things especially the use of polythene. After the seminars, there were changes in the behavior of the students. They practiced what they had learnt by reusing plastic bottles and polythene bags.

   Ms. MMS Sanjeewani, teacher of the school, participated in a seminar for teachers and learnt teaching method of environmental education in CFP. She said: “I am happy to say that I got refreshment from OISCA. I am thankful for informing us on the value of protecting the environment and the advantage of APARADE (MOTTAINAI) spirit. I understand our responsibility to direct children as well as their parents about environmental conservation.”



Ku/Sapumal Kamara Vidyalaya

  • Starting year of CFP:     2014    
  • Number of Students:     40
  • Location:                         Polgahawela, Kurunegala, North Western Province 

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