2017 August CFP Malaysia

Report on the Current CFP Activities in Sabah, Eastern Malaysia


Recently, OISCA Sabah in Eastern Malaysia organized a series of tree planting events. The first one was held on the afternoon of April 25 at Kungkular School and was joined by about 40 people including school teachers, parents and OISCA trainees. The participants planted herbs and flowers. Since the land area of the school was of red soil, they had to apply some compost before planting.

During a briefing and allocation of responsibilities.
During a briefing and allocation of responsibilities.

The second one was carried out at Ladong Sapong School on the morning of May 1 with the participation of teachers, parents, OISCA trainees and invited guests. They first cleared the school ground and then planted fruit trees and flowers.

Both CFP activities were carried out for the purpose of further greening of school grounds and also strengthening the relationship among parents, teachers and students in the local community.

Furthermore, OISCA Sabah organized on May 22 another tree planting event to celebrate the Green Wave, a global biodiversity campaign created in 2011 in accordance with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) of the United Nations. The event took place at Pulong Tenom School with the participation of 145 children, teachers, CFP staff and OISCA trainees. Prior to the tree planting activity on site, the CFP coordinator briefed the participants on the meaning of the Green Wave and the importance of preserving the environment and also explained a bit about how to make compost. Then, they planted soursop and ornamental plants.

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