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Group picture before planting trees
Group picture before planting trees

The Nadroumai Primary School, to be a model school of CFP



Nadroumai Primary School is located in Viti Levu Island and most of the students come from 5 surrounding villages. (Viti Levu Island is the main island in Fiji.) and they live in a dormitory. The school principal wanted to plant trees with students, so they joined the CFP in 1993.The school has carried out various activities for over 20 years and they have been doing new challenge with advices from the former students. It is a pioneer in CFP in this region.

They give out the environmental text to promote awareness
They give out the environmental text to promote awareness

In recent years, they have focused on organic agriculture. The parents of school students are mostly engaged in agriculture, but they cultivate only a few types of plants such as cassava by using chemicals. Therefore, OISCA staffs teach the students how to conduct organic farming. In addition, the students try to make compost from dormitory’s garbage and promote recycling.


 In 2017, they planted fruit bearing trees for health maintenance. They will keep trying new things for making the school a model to other school. 

Nadroumai Primary School

  • Starting Year of CFP:    1993   
  • Number of Students:     97    
  • Location:  Sigatoka, Fiji

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