2019.2 Myanmar

Children’s Forest Program (CFP) in Myanmar

Teaching materials on environmental education compiled, expected to contribute to further reinvigoration of activities at participating schools

Yesagyo Township, Magway Region where DOA-OISCA Agroforestry Training Center is located, is in the harsh climatic conditions with the annual average rainfall of 500mm. Moreover, deforestation is progressing due to over-felling of forests for firewood. Against this background, OISCA, considering that teaching materials and opportunities for raising awareness of the youth on environmental conservation are lacking, has carried out for two years since January 2017 environmental education including tree planting activities in getting the support of the “Toyota Grant Program for Environmental Activities of Toyota Motor Corporation. 

In 39 schools and nearby areas targeted for forestation, they planted a total of 7,748 dry-resistant tree species and native species toward the conservation of biodiversity. They have attained the survival rate of 80% by getting the support from the local residents for installing fences against domestic animals. Moreover, they compiled a text on environmental education featuring the role and characteristics of local animals and plants for the purpose of promoting voluntary activities at respective schools. The text incorporates a scheme to bring out the power of the children to think and act on their own. It was handed over to the children in the eco-camp held near the Training Center in December 2018. 

Based on these experiences in Yesagyo, new activities will be started in FY 2019 also in Chaungmagyi Village, Mandalay Region where the DOA-OISCA Agriculture and Leadership Training Center is located. OISCA intends to support the ring of activities which have been slowly but steadily expanding so that green grows on the dry land. 

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