2019.2 China・Inner Mongolia 1

Student Volunteer thinks about environmental issues


School of Foreign Languages Shanxi Normal University is located in Northwest China in the ancient capital Xi'an. The University focuses on education. The university has English and Russian courses besides Japanese, and graduates are employed in Japanese companies in the northwest area.

One day, OISCA staffs visited to the University to teach about environment and OISCA project to Japanese courses students. One of the students was being interested in the OISCA project which desert greening activity in Alashan. Thence the student visited to project field, and many students began to request participating in the volunteer every year.

In2017, they planted 5000trees such as sousou. Sousou is dry resistant-tree. Sousou parasites in the root Nicole japonica(chinese medicine). That increased income of nomads.

Ichiki Hiroshi teacher who participated in tree planting volunteer said with smile:”I went to desert everywhere in China. I think Alashan’s desert is the strictest environment in China. Therefore the project is awesome activity. I will support the project which Japan and China corporate with student’s volunteer.  ”. 

School of Foreign Languages Shanxi Normal University

  • Starting Year of CFP:2013
  • Number of Students:1,063
  • Location:Shaanxi Sheng, Xian Shi, Yanta Qu, QuJiang ShangQuan, Chang An Nan Lu, 199

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