2019.2 China・Inner Mongolia 2

Participating Children forest program


Xilinhot No.6 High School is located in Xilinhot city in inner Mongolian Autonomous Region eastern part and there are 5,060 students. This school opened in 1993 and relatively new school. The school has done advanced education as model school of region.


They are interested in environmental conservation and greening. They focus on environmental education so that they are received recommendation by local government.

They started CFP in 2017.The first year, they visited Alashan desert ecological research and training center and planted 1,000 pine trees. Pine tree is the strongest tree of the local species. It is stops moving the sand and improves the soil. It was very hot day but students planted trees with smile.

As other activities, they make the papers for using kiyanagi. They make the opportunity that they rediscovery about nature’s blessing around us through experience.


They want to increase the students who participates the activity.

Xilinhot No.6 High School

  • Starting Year of CFP: 2017
  • Number of Students: 5,060
  • Location: 錫林郭勒 振興小区2号

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