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I hope to have lots of fruits.
I hope to have lots of fruits.

Aiming for a comfortable school


SK Ladang Sapong is located in Sabah state. There are no trees in the schoolyard and they were worried about exhaust gas. In 2017, They participated in the "CFP" with the desire to make the environment where children can concentrate on studying , and also want local people to be interested in the environment.

The planting activity of green wave.
The planting activity of green wave.

The first activity was planting tree with their parents. They planted various types of flower, sweet lemon fruit, mango seeds,durian belanda seed and mangosteen.They held the environment seminar in day of biodiversity (May 22nd). In the semminar, they recognized that their life is supported by environmental. The teacher said: “We appreciate that we got an opportunity to learn about the environment with students, local people and to practice what we learned together.” Although the activity has just begun, they continue to make the forest!!

SK Ladang Sapong

  • Starting Year of CFP: 2017
  • Number of Students: 226
  • Location: Peti Surat 113 89907, Tenom, Sabah

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