Green Wave 2019 Report - Save our diversity -

The Green Wave is a global diversity campaign to educate children and youth about the diversity which OISCA has participated since 2008.

The Green Wave campaign carried out worldwide on and around May 22th which is designated as the International day for Biological diversity. OISCA also carried out various activities not only domestic but also international, mainly with CFP participating schools.

They felt the smell of Hinoki from wood blocks
They felt the smell of Hinoki from wood blocks

In Hong Kong, the OISCA Hong Kong Chapter held “building squares of TSUMIKI: Wood blocks” on March 21st 2019.

A total of 55 kinder garden children and teachers took part in building squares of TSUMIKI. They made artworks by using 3 kinds of wood blocks. 

They made a big town
They made a big town

At the end, they made a big town by gathering their respective artworks. After that, they watched the Kamishibai (story telling with pictures) which tells the importance of forest. They intently listened to the story narrated by the speaker and learned about the importance of appropriate forest management.

Children very interested in Kamishibai
Children very interested in Kamishibai

In Hong Kong’s urban area where the population is concentrated, children have no opportunity to spending time with natural environment. Therefore, through this experience, they have been able to know the importance and blessing of forest.

All participants in a group picture after the program
All participants in a group picture after the program

In Japan, we carried out tree planting and silvicultural activity in various places.

In Yamanashi Prefecture, OISCA held a planting event on June 5 which was designated as the “Environment Day” by the United Nations.

Employees of OISCA supporting companies and staff of the Indian Embassy and local elementary school children planted trees on Environment Day in Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji was added to the World Cultural Heritage list in 2013 but a part of forest had lost ecosystem due to insect damage. They mended some nets which protect seedlings from the damage by deer and carried out supplementary planting of broadleaf seedlings in the damage area. These seedlings planted on this day were donated by the Embassy of India to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. We hope that these seedlings will grow well and Mt. Fuji will show a beautiful appearance to make people delighted.

2020 will marks the end of the UN Decade on Biological Diversity.

OISCA has been tackling the conservation of biodiversity on the whole earth through various projects. As one of the Green Wave Official Partners, OISCA intends to strengthen cooperation with Japanese government agencies and make further contribution in Japan and other countries.


※“Building squares of TSUMIKI: Wood blocks” :  It is a program that communicates clearly the importance of forest to children by using wood blocks made from thinned wood.

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