Japanese Senior High School Students Group Visit Indonesia

 From January 27-29, 12 Japanese senior high school students and 6 teachers visited OISCA Sukabumi Training Center in Indonesia under “International Exchange Program for Senior High School Students specializing in Forest and Forestry” sponsored by the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization.

 The students group promoted exchange with Indonesian trainees and experienced agricultural field work such as harvesting red pepper. They also visited Sukabumi First Senior High School, a participating school in the Children’s Forest Program (CFP), and enjoyed a cultural exchange session with their Indonesian counterparts, home staying and language classes in which they taught their languages each other.

 This is the fifth program. Sukabuni First Senior High School which hosts every year, busily prepared elaborate presentations. The Japanese students, while overwhelmed by the enormous efforts of the Indonesian side, tried their best to communicate with gestures and presented Japanese culture and language in one way or another. It became a good opportunity for the students of both sides to learn the cultures of the respective countries and promote friendship.

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