OISCA Response to the Spread of Coronavirus (as May 26)

Since the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, in the countries where OISCA is operating, strict restrictive measures have been taken in to prevent the spread of disease. In the countries where the increase in the number of infected has become somewhat stable, the restrictions are gradually being relaxed. But in most countries, schools remain closed, and movements are still restricted. Due to the restrictive measures for a few months, there is an increasing number of people living in poverty. OISCA, in collaboration with the local staff, has been extending emergency assistance in order to support the life of people in need.


In Myanmar, the restrictive measures are still taken, and the people are faced with severe living while the hot weather continues. At the DOA-OISCA Agriculture and Rural Development Training Center(Yesagyo township, Magway region) even after the distribution in April, additionally provided more than 1,100 liters of drinking water and masks among 1,210 households of 11 villages around the Center. Besides, they distributed eggs, vegetables and breads produced at the Center. There are many villages with a high poverty rate around the Center, the distribution of agricultural products has led to secure safe food.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka where schools remain closed, from late May when the restrictions are partially eased, OISCA Lanka started activities to increase home gardens so that they could get fresh vegetables at home. For the neighboring areas of the schools participating in CFP, coordinators in the respective provinces distributed vegetable seeds and seedlings and provided guidance on growing method. The local community residents and youth groups have a keen interest, and, not only at home, joint field development with a small number of people has started.

Papua New Guinea

On May 20, they give guidance on making masks to prevent the spread of the virus at the Rabaul Eco-Tech Training Center. It was carried out in sewing class aimed for women’s empowerment. In making masks, not only women, men and children also participated. Also, they provided guidance on hand wash with soaps for infection prevention. They are planning to conduct similar training while changing the target persons.


At Kottamedu village in Tamil Nadu, South India, the members of OISCA Chennai Chapter provided food assistance to the people in need. While striving to prevent infection such as keeping social distance, they distributed food items such as rice needed for life among the villagers.

In other areas also, OISCA is carrying out activities that are possible under the present circumstances

On the occasion of the International Day of Biodiversity (May 22), Green Wave activities (activities in which the youth worldwide simultaneously take action to preserve or study biodiversity such as tree planting) were carried out in various places. This year, it is the final year of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity, and originally it was supposed to hold events to enliven the final year. But large-scale events were cancelled due to the spread of Coronavirus. Nevertheless, OISCA is tackling activities such as taking initiatives at home or conducting with a small number of people in order to cherish the opportunity to think about biodiversity that support various lives.

 In order to support such local activities, OISCA has started emergency fund-raising. For details, please refer to the following home page.




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