2020 Malaysia activity report

Even though there are a lot of limitation in the Coronavirus injection, Sava school in Malaysia devised, such as making lotation, and continued the activity. (Malasia lock down again since 13th January to 26th January.) Through activity, children cooperated each other and learned practical skills. Today we introduce the activity of growing durian trees.


CFP 2020 participants in this school are carrying out activities to measure the height of durian trees (Musang King). Fun activities outside the class room attract students to learn more practical. In addition to the height, children measured the width of growing durian trees.


Students are carrying out weeding activities that are cleaning around the durian tree (munsang king). 

They watered the durian (mungsang king) diligently and enthusiastically. Fertilizing and watering activities around 9.00 am. It is good to do these activities before being hot.

A photo activity after conducting CFP activities. Children feel great after doing activities.


Children are uprooting the area of durian tree planting and fertilizing. They work as a team and learn coroperating.

Many of the  participants were form1. They can start to learn how to grow  fruit trees in their childhood.


Activities provide measuring spikes and painting spikes for durian tree height measurement use. Two participants were form 1. The length of spikes was as same as their height. The spikes were stung next to the durian tree. Children watered and fertilized with the hope of the good growth. 



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