Children’s Forest Program under the Corona Pandemic 3


 Due to the continuation of school closure, the motivation of children for studies and environmental awareness seem to be going down. Since it is difficult to carry out normal activities, we prioritized measures against infection and supported the installation of hand-washing facilities at 6 places of 3 schools. For infectious diseases, first of all awareness is important. When restrictions are relaxed, we would like to resume awareness programs even on a small scale.




CFP Coordinator


 Although Fiji is one of the countries with few cases of Corona virus infection, tourism, a major industry, has been hit hard and the number of unemployed is increasing. While following the rules, we are able to continue tree planting, agricultural teaching and mangrove planting. We are deeply grateful to you who have continued to support us in the midst of the global crisis.



Tevita Dakia

CFP Coordnator

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