Children’s Forest Program under the Corona Pandemic 5





CFP Coordinator

Every time the infection spreads, the activity restriction order has been issued, and school closure has been repeated in Sabah State as well. Currently, children go to school only at the time of tests, and usually study online. We are sorry that we couldn’t work as we expected. But while maintaining seedlings with children at schools with the permission of the government, we are working hard to make new seedlings in preparation for the restrictions to be lifted. 






CFP Coordinator 

In September 2020, schools were reopened for the first time in 8 months, but community-acquired infection spread again from November and schools closure measure was taken nationwide again. For that reason, children were also greatly   affected. In CFP, we carried out tree planting at school, promoted home garden and infectious control support. In order to mutually share activities of each school, we are planning online seminars in the future.

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