Children’s Forest Program under the Corona Pandemic 6

Papua New Guinea

   Due to the early implementation of immigration restrictions, the number of Corona infected persons has been controlled, and schools were closed for about two months and now classes are being held almost as usual. This fiscal year, we were able to carry out tree planting and environmental seminars mainly at 5 schools in New Britain Province. Currently, the new school year started on February 1, the bright laughter of children in uniform has brought life back to the town. 3




Patrick Konentang

CFP Coordinator


   Since schools reopened in July, we resumed tree planting. We were able to carry out all activities planned. We refrained, however, from holding environmental seminars and workshops for a large number of people as usual, and reduced the scale. The infection spread again at the end of the year, and schools were closed again, but unlike the first time, there has not been so much confusion. We are deeply grateful to all of you for your cooperation and to continue activities without stopping.



Samai Srilueang 

CFP Coordinator

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