Sri Lanka CFP supports home study with making and provision of teaching materials

   OISCA Sri Lanka, in order to help children who are unable to carry out their study as they wish due to the prolonged Corona pandemic, is making and providing teaching materials for home study targeting 18 schools participating the Children’s Forest Program (CFP).

   In the country, schools closure and reduction of face-to-face lessons due to the spread of Corona virus infection have had a major impact on projects such as the inability to carry out CFP activities such as tree planting and environment seminars as planned. So they decided to support vegetable cultivation that children can do at home and also to provide assistance in solving the problems facing schools. When conducted a survey on needs at school, it was found out that there is an increasing number of children and students who are worried about delay in learning because they are forced to self-study at home due to frequent school closure and shortened classes and that teachers also have difficulty in teaching and responding. 

In March and April, they distributed to 1,425 students from 16 schools teaching materials for home study compiled in cooperation with the teachers. It is scheduled to deliver after June to 2 schools where the distribution was postponed due to tightening of movement restrictions. They donated the teaching materials and also alcohol for hand disinfection so that the children can learn with peace of mind.

While a large-scale event to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the OISCA’s founding is not possible, OISCA Sri Lanka is planning to conduct as an alternative initiative commemorative tree planting in each area. On April 1, they held tree planting in Kurnegala District as a start of the event. Even under the Corona pandemic, tree planting activities are continuously carried out with enlightenment of local residents,

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