Response to the Spread of Coronavirus Infection

The Coronavirus pandemic, which is raging the world over, is seriously affecting OISCA’s operating areas. At present, schools in most countries and areas are closed and strict restrictions on movement are imposed in many countries. It is difficult for OISCA staff to go out from training centers. The staff have bravely stood up, support the areas closed by lockdown and are expanding the circle of activities to prevent the spread of virus infection.



In Abra Province in Northern Luzon, thePhilippines, the OISCA Abra Agro-Forestry Training Center cooperated with the local government distributed the training center’s agricultural produce such as

rice, vegetables, rice cakes and eggs to the affected local residents and also donated food to medical personnel such as doctors, nurses, health care volunteers and police fighting the infectious disease at the forefront.


In Indonesia where schools have been closed, the children participating in the Children’s Forest Program (CFP) are making posters with messages “stay at home and keep distance” for the prevention of spreading the infection at home and are calling for cooperation. The children are thinking about what they can do now and acting.

Also, the CFP coordinators and former OISCA trainees are making home gardens to get fresh vegetables without going out in the midst of the government requesting self-restraint and are planting herbs enhancing body immunity.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka where the severe movement restrictions are going on and movements beyond the provinces are prohibited. The staff and former OISCA trainees in Anuradhapura and other Provinces conduced awareness campaign on the importance and proper way of wearing masks and distributed

masks to the local residents. In distributing masks, volunteers helped with necessary sewing work such attaching rubber.

Sabah, Malaysia,

On 17 March, the government declared the Movement Control Order (MCO) declared the Movement Control Order (MCO) to contain coronavirus. In KPD-OISCA Training Center accepted this year a total of 74 trainees from various areas of the State. Because of MCO, 41 trainees returned to their respective villages, the remaining trainees and the staff are keeping on producing agricultural produce for the villagers. The locals living near the training center are happy to get fresh and safe food such as vegetables, rice and chicken in the difficult situation of buying daily necessities.

Hyderabad, India

Form March 25, curfew has been imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus all over the country. In the middle of the strict ban of movements, the OISCA members of the OISCA Hyderabad Chapter of South India distributed hand sanitizers and cloth masks to the residents of Ranganayakula Gutta



The country is currently at the hottest summer season (Middle of March to Middle of May) of the year. In the central dry region where OISCA is operating, it does not rain at all and there is a severe water shortage. In addition to such harsh natural environment, movements are severely restricted due to the spread of coronavirus and having a serious impact on the people’s life. At the two OISCA training centers, the minimum number of staff and staying on and carrying out agricultural work andlivestock. They are keeping on activities while wearing hand-made masks and paying attention to sanitation management such as handwash.

At Training Center located in Yesagyo Township they distributed drinking water of 759 liters and hand-made masks to the 4 villages carrying out CFP. Also, cash money amount to 300,000 kyat and cloth masks were donated to the local government tackling the spread of coronavirus infection.


In other countries and areas, the staff are continuing the operation of training centers while considering safety and are earnestly carrying out what they can do now such as the maintenance of tree planting sites.


Although severe situation where the future cannot be seen continues, in cooperation with staff of local chapters, we would like to tackle while thinking every day what is possible.

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