OISCA International

Organization for Industrial, Spritual and Cultural Advancement

OISCA International was established in 1961 in Tokyo, Japan. In more than 50 years, the organization has established 15 agricultural training centers, 29 chapters, and 000 branches in more than 30 countries.


OISCA International contributes to Humanity's environmentally sustainable development through a holistic approach, emphasizing the interconnectedness of agriculture, ecological integrity, and the human spirit. OISCA International implements and advocates hands-on experiential programs for world citizens of all ages, transmitting knowledge and skills, and cultivating spiritual qualities as dedication, self-reliance, and universal brother-sisterhood.

Industrial The promotion of agriculture and other primary industries that are fundamental to human existence
Spiritual Not to be confused with "religion," this aspect focuses on the need to nurture qualities such as self-reliance, dedication to one's community, international brother-sisterhood, and respect for the Earth's ecological integrity on which life is grounded.
Cultural The intent to encourage the magnificent cultural diversity that has enriched human life , and the universal need to promote cultural patterns such as peace-building.

OISCA has more than 250 staff members stations in the many various countries and territories involved with CFP. Having received special training, they spearhead the CFP movement by holding ecological seminars, teaching how to plant trees, and bridging CFP schools and well-wishers in Japan.

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